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Hello! My name is Sylvia Provenski

Welcome to my CanadianMoms website and my story! I’m a Canadian mother and grandmother with children, grandchildren and other family scattered all of over the world!

Several years ago I was faced with a life threatening illness. I was frustrated and unhappy with the medical system and the care I received during that time. I was given a variety of medications, many of which had side effects that resulted in new health issues, which meant taking more medications with more side effects. It seemed like a never-ending cycle, like a merry-go-round, up and down and round and round. I wanted it to stop so I could get off!

I decided that I needed to take control over my own health and wellness. With encouragement from my daughter, who was using Young Living essential oils for her young families health and wellness, I began to incorporate Young Living essential oils into my daily life.

I started by using the essential oils topically as well as diffusing them to build my immunity and to support my liver and thyroid functions. It wasn’t long before I saw improvement in my health. I had more energy; I was sleeping better; I had less digestive issues and I felt so happy!

Young Living essential oils are now an integral part of my family’s and my health and wellness. My home is also virtually chemical free. My laundry soap, face soap, shampoo, face cream, toothpaste and more are all free of toxic chemicals and instead contain natural products and essential oils.

As a retired Nurse and Educator I love helping other people in their journey towards a life of health and wellness! If you are interested in learning more about how to use Young Living essential oils it would be an honor to mentor you and support you through this journey. I have a wealth of amazing resources and a large, world wide community of like-minded, experienced and knowledgeable people to help you as well!

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